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OGC plans to create new Standards Working Group for Underground Data

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has sought comments from the public  on the draft charter for OGC MUDDI (Model for Underground Data Definition and Integration) Standards Working Group (SWG). Comments can be shared by May 5.

Street excavations around the globe have been impacted due to lack of usable information on buried infrastructure. Frequently, construction projects at large scales are stopped, resulting in delay claims and change orders that raises costs. This kind of situation happens as locations of utility installations were earlier recorded or depicted. What is worst is the fact that the lack of knowledge on underground built environment dependencies and vulnerabilities, not only costs money but lives as well.

These costs and risks could have been reduced if accurate, comprehensive underground built environment information were made available and shared between parties that are responsible for rapid integration and analysis. The important first step to achieve this capability includes developing geo-enabled utility data models with inbuilt capabilities to help in data interoperability and integration.

Adopting these models would help in delivering significant benefits by improving data interchange, integration, and application readiness. The MUDDI SWG plans to create models and standards that represent underground infrastructure assets. Apart from this, MUDDI SWG will also create mappings to or from other geospatial data models that focuses in the the underground environment that accommodates said assets.

The models that are to be designed by the MUDDI SWG participants will focus on specific use cases –like construction design, disaster resilience and safe digging,. These models have the capacity to extend accommodation of more complex use cases as the business value of data sharing and interoperability is established.