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OGC marks presence at Africa Geospatial Forum

Nairobi, Kenya: With a series of announcements, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) marked its presence at the Africa Geospatial Forum 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya. Steven Ramage, Executive Director of OGC, informed plenary about discounted membership fee structure for developing nations. This new OGC membership fee is based on World Bank Global Economic Indicator data (providing discounts on the standard annual membership fee). One can download membership application forms at https://www.opengeospatial.org/ogc/join/levels and fax/mail applications at https://www.opengeospatial.org/ogc/join/application

Steven added that this discounted rate applies in other developing world regions, such as Latin America and Asia.

During the Senior Executive Seminar a call for participation was also made to bring the voice of Africa into the OGC international standards setting process for geospatial and location services. This revised membership fee structure will make it much easier for African nations to participate. An announcement was also made that the Regional Centre for Mapping for Regional Development (RCMRD) in Africa joined the OGC to support the mission and vision of the OGC in Africa. For more information on some ongoing projects in Africa using OGC standards, for example AfroMaison (spatial data infrastructure and natural resource management) or EO2Heaven (earth observation and environmental modelling for health), one can e-mail at [email protected] or follow on Twitter – ogc_steven or join the LinkedIn OGC Group.

Steven Ramage as a Chair of the GSDI Association Outreach and Membership Committee, made some additional announcements:
Free membership by the International Geospatial Society (IGS): The IGS is offering free memberships to individuals in developing nations. One can know about benefits of membership at https://www.igeoss.org/benefits and detailed qualifications and instructions are available at https://www.igeoss.org/freemembership

Qualifications for IGS free membership include:
– Must reside in and be a citizen of a low or very-low income nation (https://www.gsdi.org/RankingTable),
– Register as an individual in the Geographic Information Knowledge Network at https://giknet.org,
– Fill out online the International Geospatial Society Membership Application at https://www.igeoss.org/join.

Upon acceptance, applicants will be listed on the online IGS membership roster and profile automatically linked.

Free membership by the GSDI Association: The GSDI Association is offering free organisation memberships to government agencies in developing nations. On can know about benefits of membership at

Qualifications for GSDI Association free full membership include:
– Determine whether the national mapping, land administration, natural resource, or similar agency that is developing SDI capabilities is in a low or very-low income nation (https://www.gsdi.org/RankingTable).
– An authorised individual for the agency should register in the Geographic Information Knowledge Network at https://giknet.org.
– After establishing an account, login and create an agency profile (See My Submissions and click on Enter Profile for Government Agency.)
– After the agency profile exists, click Report SDI Implementation Experience and answer the questions.
– After completing the forms, fill out the GSDI Full Membership Application for the agency at https://www.gsdi.org/fullmemshp#D

Upon acceptance, the agency will be listed at https://www.gsdi.org/Mbrs_Spnsrs and formal membership voted upon at the next GSDI World Conference (May 2012 in Quebec City, Canada).

Source: Our Correspondent