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OGC launches OpenGIS conformance testing initiative

The Open GIS Consortium has launched its Conformance and InteroperabilityTest and Evaluation Initiative (CITE). CITE is the first of a series of initiatives addressing interoperability verification and validation. The expected outcome is an OGC-approved process by which software vendors can test and validate their products’ conformance with OGC’s Web-based OpenGIS(R) Specifications. OpenGIS Specifications specify common interfaces, encodings and schemas that support the development and deployment of interoperable geospatial solutions, services, data, and applications.

“The CITE project is a major step forward in bringing the technology community together to achieve the goal of realizing the Spatial Web,” said Allen Brown, President and CEO of The Open Group. “This project demonstrates the commitment of OGC and The Open Group to bring organizations together for the benefit of the industry as a whole.”

The OGC Interoperability Program and the OGC Specification Program are currently focused on OpenGIS Specifications for OGC Web Services (OWS). OGC Web Services support discovery of, access to, and integration of diverse kinds of geographic or “spatial” data and geoprocessing services such as those produced by GIS systems and systems for Earth imaging. OpenGIS specifications are publicly available at
https://www.opengis.org. As producers of geoprocessing products modernize their offerings based on OpenGIS Specifications, users require verification of a vendor’s product conformance with OpenGIS Specifications. The CITE initiative provides a clear path to assure them of the products’ interoperability with other spatial servers and clients.