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OGC launches a Digital Rights Management project

The Open Geospatial Consortium has launched a digital rights management (DRM) related project aimed at collecting essential information from governments, businesses, and academia. The data gathered through the five-minute survey will help to shape the development of open standards to manage digital rights for geospatial data and services.
DRM is a technology for describing, identifying, trading, protecting, monitoring and tracking all forms of rights usages, including management of rights-holder relationships. Geospatial DRM manages all rights, not only the rights applicable to permissions over digital geographic data.

The current inability to control the flow of such information activities has been a barrier to broader adoption of Web-based geospatial technologies. Some government data has been withheld from public release over the Web because of an inability to manage owner rights after the data is released. The GeoDRM initiative, a partnership of the GeoData Alliance and OGC, will rely on the survey data in working to validate a standards-based interoperability framework. This framework is comprised of OGC Web services specifications and related standards developed by the broader information technology industry.