OGC asks for sponsors for AR pilot project

OGC asks for sponsors for AR pilot project

OGC calls for AR pilot project sponsors. Image Courtesy: OGC

US:  The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) are asking for sponsors for an upcoming Augmented Reality (AR) Pilot Project that seeks to advance W3C and OGC standards related to Augmented Reality.

As part of the Pilot project, models, interfaces, and architecture will be advanced to enable the seamless integration of ‘real world,’ geospatial, and web data.

AR assists people to enhance their view of the world by displaying data on top of their physical surroundings. Most commonly this comes as digital information, such as nearby facilities or attractions, being projected in real-time onto a video feed being captured by a smartphone.

There are multiple use cases where seamlessly bringing relevant information to a visual context can improve the way we learn, make them more efficient, save lives, or prevent accidents.

AR becomes truly amazing when one can start ‘browsing’ reality – but this requires constant and adaptive access to live data about the surrounding environment. While the data can be provided using OGC standards and displayed using W3C ones, ensuring the two can be combined in real-time live AR experiences – whether on latest-gen head-mounted devices or smartphones held at arm’s length – remains to be seen.

An open architecture needs to be advanced to not only allow AR systems to access and merge data from a specific location, but also for them to be able to send data (e.g. capturing pictures and videos) to a server and to subscribe and be notified of events related to that location.

The OGC and W3C AR Pilot Project aims to solve these problems.

The Pilot will run as an Initiative of the OGC Innovation Program, co-branded with W3C. The OGC Innovation Program provides a fast-paced setting for geospatial technology users and providers to work collaboratively in an agile development environment to develop, evolve, test, demonstrate, and validate standards as per marketplace conditions.