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OGC appoints Dr. Luis Bermudez as Executive Director

US, March 12, 2015: Dr. Luis Bermudez was recently appointed as the Executive Director of the OGC’s Compliance and e-learning Programme. This programme is part of OGC’s Engineering Group, which also includes the OGC interoperability programme.

In this new position, Dr. Bermudez will continue to oversee OGC Compliance activities. In addition, he will take the lead in working with staff and members to develop educational content and to support the planning and implementation of educational programs to promote improved understanding, skill development, and implementation of OGC standards in the technology and user community. His new responsibilities will also include conceptualizing additional professional programs of value to membership and the community.

A member of OGC staff since 2010, Dr. Bermudez has led OGC training and educational activities worldwide which have helped advance the development and use of international standards to promote geospatial interoperability. During this time he has also served as an adjunct faculty member in the Master of Professional Studies in Geographic Information Systems program at the University of Maryland. He has developed educational modules on open standards and interoperability for both OGC workshops and university programs.

Source: OGC