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OGC announces New Local, State and Provincial Membership Levels

The Open GIS Consortium has announced that it is offering new classes of associate membership for local, state and provincial governments. Government Agency State/Province and Government Agency Local/Other Associate Members are granted non-voting membership in OGC’s Technical Committee and have access to all written and electronic Technical Committee communication. Membership benefits include the ability to participate in Technical Committee working groups and subcommittees as well as in OGC Interoperability Initiatives.

For eight years, the world’s geoprocessing technology providers and many research organizations, integrators and major IT firms have worked together in OGC with federal, national, provincial, state and local agencies to specify interfaces and schemas that enable
interoperability among geoprocessing systems. Geoprocessing includes geographic information systems and systems for Earth imaging, facilities management, spatially enabled databases, mapping, navigation and location based services. Commercial products implementing interfaces based on OGC’s OpenGIS Specifications have become widely available in the marketplace over the past several years.

Mark Reichardt, Executive Director, OGC Outreach and Adoption Program, said, “Because many services delivered by government require cross-jurisdiction cooperation, agencies need to be able to seamlessly share and apply geographic information.
Involvement in OGC helps our industry and academic members better understand government requirements and provides our government members with the tools to interact broadly with industry to get the most from their geospatial IT investment.”