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Official road map of Doha hits the streets, launch coincides with run up to the 15th Asian Games

Doha, Qatar, 17 November 2006 – As the official mapping agency in Qatar, the Centre for Geographic Information System (CGIS) – Urban Planning and Development Authority, has published the first official streets and landmarks guide map of Doha.

“The timing of the publication coincides with the run up to the 15th Asian Games to be held in Doha next month,” said CGIS Director Manaf Ahmad al-Sada.

The map is expected to be of immense help to the large number of visitors, tourists and media personnel would be descending on Doha for the Games, as it also includes information about competitions in all venues.

“The Games logo has been used, through an agreement with the Doha Asian Games Organising Committee, to identify the venues,” explained the official. All new or upgraded streets and intersections, and road closures that will take place during the next year are identified in the map.

The results of the recently conducted survey by CGIS of all commercial, public, educational and governmental landmarks have been categorised according to type of activity, contacts, zone name and number for easier identification.

There is a detailed and enlarged map of Doha city centre, which includes Grand Hamad commercial district and Old Souq area. Relevant landmarks’ names are listed with their location and corresponding number.

A high-resolution aerial photo map of the West Bay area identifying towers and important agencies, with listing of location and corresponding number, is part of the map.

Over 2,000 street names, the new Doha International Airport and all under construction streets leading to it, policy plans of under construction areas in Doha, a quick photo and contacts guide to important hotels and furnished apartments are featured in the map.

There is also information about important cities and tourist locations, in addition to simple map of Qatar. “The advertisement-free map, presently available only in English, is wisely priced and an Arabic version will be published soon,” added al-Sada. More information can be had from 4955094 or 4955112.