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Official kickoff to LAGF 2014

Latin America Geospatial Forum 2014 has its official launch on April 10, in an event held in Mexico City. About 50 people from 29 institutions attended the event. With the presence of selected guests, the LAGF 14 was very well received by the Mexican community and other supporters, showing the indicative success that will be the conference to be held in September, and for the first time in Mexico. The spirit of enthusiasm which marked the official launch will be spread over the coming months in preparation for the most important conference of geospatial area in Latin America.

The two LAFG 14 organisers explored the relevance of an event that integrates the geospatial community in the region and also stimulates the Mexican development. Rolando Ocampo, Vice-president of Geographic Information and Environment, INEGI, welcomed the attendees and spoke about the work and mission of INEGI, highlighting the partnership with Geospatial Media and its recognized and strategic role played worldwide.

In his presentation, Sanjay Kumar, CEO of Geospatial Media and Communications, showed an overview of the relations between geospatial industry and various economic sectors and how they are connected, starting from a global scenario to Latin America view. Mr. Kumar spoke about the experience in other Geospatial Media conferences around the world and highlighted that the LAGF 14 will be important to contribute in a construction of a collaborative and engaged environment, facilitating a geospatial strategic and policies through broadening of horizons and connecting regional and global industries.

Javier Aguilar, Director of Geospatial Solutions, of Agricultural and Fisheries Information System (SIAP), LAGF 14 strategic partner, also presented their expectations for the conference and the strategic importance of using geospatial technologies in agriculture. Promoted by SIAP and SAGARPA, the conference will host ”GEOAGRI: Let agriculture tango with g-tech”, a one-day meeting dedicated to the agricultural sector, which has fundamental relevance for the entire Latin American region.

Another important dignitary to speak was the Secretary General of the Panamerican Geography and History Institute (IPGH), Rodrigo Barriga Vargas, concluding the presentations of the event, talking briefly about the Institute activities and its support to LAGF 14. Dr. Barriga had also highlighted the ”UN GGIM for Americas” meeting, which will be held during the conference with the participation of key representatives of mapping institutions and programmes around the world.

Besides the organizers and LAGF 14 partners; government agencies in Mexico, and from the United Nations, as UNEP and FAO; representatives of major companies were also present at launch event. Among the industry”s representatives, highlights the presence of Pemex, HP Mexico, BITS, Thomson Reuters, Leica, Hexagon, Trimble, Geoware, Futuver and Autodesk.

In the event, it was presented the LAGF 14 Brochure and the new webpage of the conference (www.lagf.org).