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Off-Board navigation in mobile phones

Tele Atlas and Wayfinder have joined forces to provide the world’s first powerful off-board, up-to-date navigation solution. Based on Tele Atlas digital maps, it enables both in-car and pedestrian navigation for mobile phones. The user enters the destination using the phone’s keypad, or calls the service provider, or logs onto his personal navigation page on the Internet. It takes only a few seconds to automatically download the route either over existing GSM/GPRS or future 3G networks. Voice instructions, pictures and maps guide the user as he drives or walks.
Not only is the interface extremely user-friendly but the system also works throughout Europe and North America. A Nokia 60 Series phone (Models 7650 or 3650) and a Bluetooth-GPS antenna is all the equipment you need to run this innovative application.
The powerful Internet-based Wayfinder server software calculates thousands of routes and searches per second. Accurate, complete, and up-to-date Tele Atlas maps including points of interests such as hotels or restaurants as well as company information and real-time traffic information are all stored on this server.