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Oceana develops interactive map of marine species

Spain: The marine conservation organisation, Oceana, has developed an interactive map that shows all kinds of information about the oceans and protection of marine species. Oceana has used the technology of ESRI Spain, a company specialising in GIS technology.

The executive director of Oceana Europe, Xavier Pastor, said, “Oceans generate huge economic benefits as a source of food, medicine, transportation, recreation and climate regulation.  But, its degradation has reached an alarming level. Fortunately, we have time to reverse this trend. Investing in marine conservation is to ensure the future of coming generations.”

The map of Oceana can provide an overview of the actual current state of the oceans and marine species that inhabit them, as well as fishing. The map was produced for free by NGOs Platform ArcGIS Online. The aim is to offer any associations or NGOs the necessary tools to process data available to them for visual information to draw conclusions.

The product manager for online services from ESRI, Jaime Nieves stressed that the application created with the technology includes seven maps that allow conclusions about the state of the oceans: global fishing in the European Union, threatened species, state Atlantic species, sightings, fishing gear in the Mediterranean, and areas of ecological interest.

Source: lainformacion.com