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Observatory set up in Ghana to monitor satellite launch in the U.S.A.

A sophisticated satellite that would provide vital data on the weather, solar and space operations and further improve weather predictions would be launched in Florida, US, aboard a Boeing Delta Aircraft soon by the NASA. An observatory has therefore been mounted in Ghana in Africa and other parts of the world to observe the satellite. The observation will help scientists in the country and other parts of the world to know if something goes wrong, as anything that goes wrong during the take-off could affect human lives.

This satellite would help meteorologists sense severe storm all over the world and equip them for emergency management. Other gains to Ghana included the training and exposure of Ghanaian technicians to such a sophisticated project. Mr Gary Eigner, Telemetry Manager of OTB in South Africa, partners of NASA, has said Ghana would host an array of sophisticated equipment, which would play a crucial role during the satellite launch. “The equipment in Ghana would receive data of critical events of the Boeing Delta during the second booster stage before entering geo-stationary orbit 35,800 kilometres above the earth.” Mr Eigner said they chose Ghana because it offered a unique location and had the required ICT infrastructure, management consultants and qualified local technicians to assist the project as well as favourable environment.