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Oblique aerial photography used with GIS

Digital Map Products (DMP), a developer of internet-hosted mapping applications, has announced it has launched a new application, ObliqueInterface, enabling users to extend the value of their investment in oblique aerial photography by making these photos accessible from a location identified by the user.

The new ObliqueInterface enables DMP’s clients to maintain their oblique photo inventory locally, behind their own firewall, for increased security. The technology seamlessly integrates these local images with other data layers deployed from secure DMP servers into the user’s browser-based applications. The result is a convenient and efficient way to access customized images consisting of privately kept photos that enhance the understanding of public, licensed data.

The ObliqueInterface is an enhancement tool for users of DMP’s flagship product, CityGIS2. CityGIS2 is application software that deploys maps and related data across the organization, providing a fast, visual profile of any property or location through a Web browser.