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ObjectFX integrates TrackingAdvisor with QUALCOMM’s FleetAdvisor System

ObjectFX, a provider of a Java-based software toolkit for developing and deploying location-based services, announced that it has integrated its SpatialFX tool under the name TrackingAdvisor with QUALCOMM’s FleetAdvisor fleet management system. ObjectFX’s TrackingAdvisor was chosen by QUALCOMM, the mobile communications provider for the transportation industry, to support the FleetAdvisor system’s ability to manage fleet operations in a real-time environment. ObjectFX’s SpatialFX will allow TrackingAdvisor to integrate dynamic location and spatial services via mapping, geospatial visualization and GIS applications, enhancing the FleetAdvisor system’s overall capability to increase productivity and improve the customer service of fleet management and operations. TrackingAdvisor includes the visual display of specific vehicles and their routes, along with details such as driver, vehicle or route-based status, on-demand location update, and historical “bread-crumb” trail identification.

In a recent example, FleetAdvisor and TrackingAdvisor helped a QUALCOMM customer improve fleet productivity by reducing out-of-route miles. The TrackingAdvisor system provides a historical “bread-crumb” trail of routes to help improve on-time performance. QUALCOMM customers have also seen efficiency improvements with FleetAdvisor and TrackingAdvisor’s exception-based tools and displays.

“This new functionality of TrackingAdvisor will enable QUALCOMM customers to extend the value of their FleetAdvisor application with the added visibility of drivers, vehicles and route-based status,” said Glynn Spangenberg, vice president and general manager of QUALCOMM Wireless Business Solutions. “Contributing to a business’s asset management knowledge is precisely what ObjectFX is focused on,” said Tim Devine, ObjectFX CEO.