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NZ transport dept to spend USD 2.4 mn on g-tech

New Zealand: Citing a lack of previous governance and planning around geospatial infrastructure, the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) said it is looking to consolidate the technology it uses to undertake geospatial planning into a single shared services panel. The organisation is expected to spend USD 2.4 million on the project over two years.

Within this budget, USD 500,000 has been allocated to the initial design phase of the programme, the results of which could see the overall cost change in the future, said the NZTA.

According to documents released by the NZTA, its Spatial Planning and Geospatial Information Systems Capability team (SPGISC) produced a report in 2011 on the organisation’s GIS roadmap, which concluded that NZTA’s plans for the technology were “uncoordinated”.

“To date, investment in our geospatial environment has been limited, with no corporate oversight or strategic direction to guide it or guide the use of geospatial information,” the report stated.

“The current state translates into sub-optimal effectiveness, high cost, strong reliance on others, and an inability to respond quickly to and work with our partners and stakeholders.”

The NZTA is looking to remedy the situation using enterprise GIS tools, to be procured through an agency-wide overarching Geospatial Governance Committee (GGC).

As part of this decision, the NZTA has announced it will use ESRI ArcGIS as its core geospatial suite, with all other systems to work in conjunction.

An RFP has been issued seeking vendor partners to sit on a panel to provide support in the implementation of desktop ArcGIS tools, add-ons, web-based editing tools, and simple to use viewing tools that plugin to systems such as Google Maps.

NZTA uses GIS tools to plan road projects, public transport and safety initiatives. Datasets are also provided to local councils for infrastructure projects.

Source: Computer World