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NZ city council, utilities from UK, US & India win top awards

Huntsville (USA): UK’s Anglian Water, India’s CESC, New Zealand’s Christchurch City Council and US’s Oncor Electric Delivery received the prestigious Intergraph (SG&I) 2013 Icon Award on June 5. The awards were announced during keynote presentations at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The 2013 Icon Awards recognise the user companies for using Intergraph”s technology in visionary ways and benefitting their customers and impacting the future of technology.

Anglian Water, the largest water and wastewater company in England and Wales covering 27,500 sq km, is responsible for providing water and wastewater to more than 6 million domestic and commercial customers. CESC Ltd is a Kolkata-headquartered organisation delivering safe, cost-effective and reliable energy to 2.4 million customers in India. The Christchurch City Council, the second-largest city council in New Zealand and accountable for the welfare of 369,000 residents, built a robust Web service and improve the flow of critical infrastructure data to its partners and contractors following the series of earthquakes from September 2010 through February 2011 that destroyed much of the city. Oncor Electric Delivery, the largest distribution and transmission system in Texas, is providing reliable electric delivery service to its customers as it has cut down on unplanned outages and outage response times, and optimised dispatcher and field crew processes.

“We are proud to recognize our customers using Intergraph”s solutions to make a difference in not only their own organizations, but their industries as a whole. These forward-thinking organizations exhibit how visionary ideas can impact the future of technology,” said John Graham, President, Security, Government and Infrastructure Division, Intergraph Corporation. “We are honored to be a partner of these organizations and look forward to see how they continue to shape the future.”

Source: GISuser.com