Home News Nvidia teams with Alibaba and Huawei for smart city platform

Nvidia teams with Alibaba and Huawei for smart city platform

Panoramic photo of Auckland city using Nvidia‘s AI Metropolis platform. courtesy: techcrunch

AI Metropolis platform of Nvidia looks like it is straight out of DC comics, but it is a GPU-based monitoring tool that enables easing traffic congestion, allocating city services, and tracking lost people. In this, Metropolis has found two new partners – Alibaba and Huawei. Nvidia is also including its DeepStream software development kit in the available versions of Metropolis.

Metropolis uses video. And over 1 billion connected cameras to be installed in cities around the world by 2020, will run on AI-enabled analysis applications, which will provide assistance in various things, from urban planning to law enforcement.

Nvidia also showcased applications at the GTC in Beijing, including a project from China’s Hikvision Research Institute, which combines Jetson, Tesla P4 and DGX-1 to achieve 90 percent recall rates for its face ID and matching techniques.

It might seem like ‘Big brother is watching you’ mega surveillance system, but it is a crucial step for getting automated and semi-automated transport systems in place. Alibaba is using the technology to improve city governance capability of urban planners, and Huawei is focusing on the law enforcement part.