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Numerex signs GPS agreement with InterTrak

Numerex Corp. has announced that its subsidiary, Numerex Solutions LLC, has reached an agreement with Televoke, Inc. to be a preferred provider to Numerex of GPS tracking solutions. Televoke provides a fully automated web service and telephony platform that enables its partners to offer event notification, tracking, and control of commercial and personal assets, and was first to introduce a powerful set of telematics services to the automotive industry. The Televoke service platform will allow Numerex to offer a wider variety of GPS tracking options to its customer base. Numerex’s wireless network data service, Cellemetry®, provides the most comprehensive wireless data network coverage in North America, covering 100% of the U.S, Canada and Mexico. By partnering the expansive coverage of Cellemetry with the pinpoint accuracy of satellite coverage, Numerex provides its customer base the confidence that their assets can be monitored no matter what or where they are.