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NSW to release public transport data to drive benefits

Australia: The Transport Department of New South Wales (NSW) for the first time will release real-time public transport network data in September to inspire innovative transport solutions.

The Department will release data at the Codeworks 2014 New South Wales Hackathon, managed by Deloitte, in Sydney on September 20 and 21.

Data on traffic lights, incident data base, traffic volumes and transport networks will be made available to software developers and entrepreneurs in the hopes they can create innovative ways to help the state’s road users.

Tony Braxton-Smith, Deputy director general for the Customer Experience Division at Transport for New South Wales hopes that the Hackathon pushes on the success of the Codeworks program held in recent years.

Braxton informed that since 2012, the event has produced six apps TripView, Triptastic, Arrivo Sydney, TransitTimes, which have enabled users access to 40 million data points per month.

Open data is a well-established policy of the New South Wales government with various agencies ever exploring ways to realise some early benefits of that policy.

Source: Startupsmart