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NSW Govt provides USD 11m for local planning

Australia: The New South Wales (NSW) Government has created an incentive of USD 11.2 million for councils to complete their local environmental plans (LEPs).

The LEP Acceleration Fund is expected to assist councils in a number of areas, including: undertaking or completing outstanding strategic or technical studies underpinning LEPs; legal or specialist planning advice; procuring GIS resources to assist in completion of the LEP mapping; backfilling positions to allocate LEP work to a full-time staff member; and seeking assistance from Department of Planning officers.

“This is a large and very significant body of work and the Department of Planning has been working in close partnership with councils to deliver these plans in line with the Government’s Standard LEP Template,” Minister for Planning Tony Kelly said in a statement.

“Now the government is also assisting councils financially with this work, with a particular focus on helping councils to deliver new LEPs within their specified timeframes.”

Source: Government News