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NSW Globe updated with new data layers

New South Wales: Using Google Earth, in February 2014, the state government of New South Wales had launched an application which would provide public access to spatial information about the state including maps, land parcels details, survey information and census data in a visually appealing way. Recently, the government added layer group that includes education and medical facilities, and updated the imagery of several regions. Census layers displaying data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has also been added for suburbs and for local government areas.

The NSW Globe project is part of the Government’s Location Intelligence Strategy, established to provide a whole-of-government strategic approach to maximise the value and benefits of location intelligence. The NSW initiative follows other government geospatial mapping efforts, such as the Queensland Globe released in April 2013, and Victoria's DataVic information collections.

Adding value to the application is a historic 1943 imagery feature that covers most of Greater Sydney. Used as a feature that provides significant change detection tool and illustrates the value of spatial data, this imagery can show an aerial photo of a suburb today, and what that location looked like in 1943.

The app offers medium to high resolution imagery and elevation data of Land Property Information (LPI). The imagery has been collated from several commercial private sector high resolution airborne and satellite imagery sources. NSW Globe also contains imagery datasets covering past and current emergency events. For accessing the application users need to have Google Earth version 7.0.2 or later. The KML file can be downloaded from the government portal and installed in Google Earth.

Source: NSW Globe