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NSO Philippines embarks on GIS-based 2012 Census

Philippines: The National Statistics Office (NSO) will conduct the 2012 census mapping operation using GIS technology beginning this June through August, PIA reported. It aims to create reliable digitised maps that can be used in census and survey operations, information dissemination and master sample updating.

According to NSO Samar, Provincial Statistics Officer, Letecia Chu, the operation entails digitising of maps at all levels (enumeration area, barangay, city, municipality, province and region); verification of boundaries, roads and provincial landmarks and updating of the digitized map for areas with high resolution Google Earth images.

In addition, GPS mapping activity will be conducted to produce digitised maps for areas without high resolution Google Earth images, GIS working units will be established in all provinces and regions and archives of digitised maps will also be created.

About 18 hired map data collectors and two map data processors will collect coordinates of landmarks found in the assigned barangay or enumeration area.

Source: PIA