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NSG to serve as geographic data source

London, UK, July 20, 2007: The NSG (National Street Gazetteer) has been confirmed as the source of road information for the notification and mapping of street works by utilities and other statutory undertakers wishing to carry out work on or around highways in England and Wales. The Department for Transport (DfT) has published a new ‘Technical Specification for Electronic Transfer of Notices (EToN)’ to support the 1991 New Roads and Street Works Act. This determines the NSG’s USRN (Unique Street Reference Number) to be the method of street identification for these notices.

Listing over one million streets, the NSG is the composite street index for the whole of England and Wales and is used by local government and those organisations that work on or around highways, as the definitive reference for co-ordinating street works and managing the road network. This last responsibility was devolved to Local Authorities with the introduction of the Traffic Management Act in 2004.

The new DFT specification also specifies the use of ‘level three’ data, meaning that the NSG will be used to deliver full road geometry i.e. every twist and turn as opposed to start and end points for roads and streets. Using BS7666 (the British Standard designed for recording street, land and property information), the NSG was designed to be application independent with street works being the first National implementation. With all 172 Highways Authorities now providing regular updates to the hub managed by Intelligent Addressing the NSG is now fit for purpose for this first implementation.

The NSG is a local government initiative to create an unambiguous referencing system, using Unique Street Reference Numbers (USRNs) with which to identify any length of highway or road in England and Wales. Set up initially to improve highway maintenance, under the New Roads and Street Works Act, the NSG enables Utility companies and local councils to coordinate and know where and when to dig their holes.