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NRSA to introduce

The National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA)in India is bringing out an atlas. NRSA’s bouquet of high-resolution images will not carry features of defence installations. Unlike the outline maps produced by the Survey of India, NRSA’s ‘image atlas’ will comprise high-resolution pictures showing the physiographic features of the globe. A first in the country, the ‘image atlas’ should be of help to scientists, cartographers and land-use planners, apart from students. The 212-page book will contain nearly 250 images taken by Indian satellites such as Cartosat-I. It is scheduled to be out in a month or so and is likely to be priced at less than Rs 1,000. The satellite imagery will show the spread of forests, the course of rivers, the sprawl of cities, and other details of land utilisation. The satellite pictures collated in the NRSA atlas will have 2.5 m resolution pictures. The satellite images will also give an opportunity to land-use planners to tailor their decisions to the lay of the land and the general public will gain a better understanding of the geography of their country. The image atlas could also contribute to disaster preparedness.