NREL launches biomass mapping application

NREL launches biomass mapping application


US: With funding from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Blue Skyways Collaborative and Department of Energy’s (DOE) Biomass Program, National Renewable Laboratory (NREL) has developed a new web portal that may lead to more bioenergy developments across the US.

The portal is a bioenergy mapping tool in which users can start with a blank map of the country. They can then overlay the map with biomass feedstocks to see where certain feedstocks can be harvested and then overlay that information with ethanol and biodiesel plants both active and idle, existing transportation infrastructure, power plants, fueling stations, refineries and more.

The tools are called BioPower Atlas and BioFuels Atlas and by using them, individuals and organisations can gather data about biopower and biofuels potential in North America. NREL believes that interested folks will include “government and state agencies, universities, the petroleum and pipeline industries, research institutions, vehicle manufacturers, investment firms, GIS companies, private citizens and media.”

Source: Renewable Energy World