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NovAtel uses OmniSTAR for enhanced GPS accuracy

July 30, 2002 NovAtel Inc, a Global Positioning System (GPS) manufacturer, has introduced the ProPak-LB. This new positioning engine coupled with the GPS-600-LB antenna enables developers and integrators to offer their customers technology that delivers decimetre-level accuracy autonomously with subscription to OmniSTAR’s new HP (High Performance) satellite service.

NovAtel’s ProPak-LB is the first OmniSTARHP enabled GPS engine on the market. With subscription to this new dual frequency satellite service, the ProPak-LB can deliver decimetre-level positioning accuracy. This level of accuracy is achieved without the additional cost or inconvenience of a user base station and radio link.

NovAtel’s OEM4 GPSCard powers the ProPak-LB. The OEM4 card is a small, high performance, dual frequency receiver featuring patented Pulse Aperature Correlator (PAC) technology.

This state-of-the art positioning technology virtually eliminates the effects of multipath errors. These are GPS positioning errors caused by the interaction of the GPS satellite signal and its reflections.

The complementary GPS-600-LB antenna features NovAtel’s patent pending Pinwheel technology and is designed to operate at the GPS L1 and L2, and OmniSTAR L-Band frequencies. It is a high precision antenna with excellent reception of low-elevation angle satellites, both GPS and OmniSTAR. The antenna is also optimised to minimize multipath effects.