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NovAtel ships more GPS receivers for Chinese WAAS program

NovAtel has announced that the company has shipped additional WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) receivers to Shenzhen Shenyuan Trading Company for use in the Chinese Satellite Navigation Augmentation System (SNAS). This order represents the second lot of receivers for Phase 2 of the Chinese SNAS program, and includes upgrades to mini-WAAS receivers previously delivered under Phase 1 in 2000. This latest shipment has a value of $2.4 million US to NovAtel.

The Chinese SNAS ground reference network infrastructure continues to expand in China with the installation of more reference sites. These WAAS receivers are functionally identical to those used in the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) WAAS and Japanese MSAS (MTSAT Satellite-based Augmentation System). The upgrades included in this order will bring full functionality to a number of previously delivered Phase 1 receivers.

‘The Chinese SNAS project remains a significant, on-going project for NovAtel,’said Jon Ladd, President and Chief Executive Officer. ‘Our relationship with the customer continues to grow, as the Chinese GPS Augmentation System program progresses year-by-year.’

‘The number of receivers we have shipped to date represents a significant portion of the total we believe would be needed for a full China-wide system, and there may well be further WAAS receiver sales in China in the future,’added Tony Murfin, Vice President Business Development.

NovAtel’s WAAS receivers address the enhanced accuracy and integrity verification requirements of national Wide Area Augmentation Systems. These complex receivers incorporate NovAtel’s patented Narrow Correlator(R) and MEDLL(R) technologies, process WAAS signals from geo-stationary satellites and include L1/L2 processing using MiLLennium(R) dual frequency receivers.