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NovAtel receives contract from Raytheon for new LAAS receiver

July 11, 2002-NovAtel Inc. has announced that the company has been awarded a contract by Raytheon Navigation Landing Systems for the next phase of development and qualification of a new GPS reference receiver for the Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS). Under this phase of the program, which is now underway and expected to continue into the fall of 2002, NovAtel will complete development and initial software and hardware qualification of the LGF4 receiver, which has been specifically engineered by NovAtel for Raytheon NLS’ LAAS Ground Facility (LGF) equipment.

The LGF4 receiver is based on NovAtel’s OEM4 Euro GPS receiver, with modifications to include an L1/L1 RF front-end, GPS Satellite Quality Monitoring, and tracking for up to 19 GPS and 4 GEO satellites. In later phases of the program, software will be fully qualified to RTCA DO-178B level B and hardware will be qualified in accordance with RTCA DO-254.

NovAtel has now been working with Raytheon NLS for over 12 months on the LGF4 receiver program. Engineering model receivers were delivered in June of this year, and initial integration testing has already indicated excellent performance with the LAAS Integrated Multipath Limiting Antenna.