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NovAtel launches versatile flexpak enclosure for its newest GPS engines

NovAtel Inc., launched it latest state-of-the-art enclosure – FlexPak. This NovAtel product has been designed as a rugged, compact housing for the Company’s SUPERSTAR II or OEM4-G2L positioning engines.  The key benefit of FlexPak is that it gives system integrators the ability to use one uniform enclosure and mounting system for meter to centimeter-level positioning applications.  FlexPak is compact, measuring 45mm x 147mm x 123mm and weighing only 307 grams with the SUPERSTAR II and 350 grams with the OEM4-G2L.  It is shock, water and dust resistant. FlexPak features low power consumption, USB functionality and status LEDs. NovAtel’s SUPERSTAR II is a GPS engine designed for applications requiring low-cost, reliable, meter-level positioning performance with low powerrequirements. It offers robust signal tracking and capability under severeconditions including foliage and urban canyons as well as optional carrier phase positioning.  The SUPERSTAR II is very compact at 46mm x 71mm x 13mm and only 22 grams.

NovAtel’s OEM4-G2L features the Company’s latest patented positioning technology – Pulse Aperture Correlator (PAC) – and can achieve less than 2 centimeters accuracy with RT-2 corrections. It is small (60mm X 100mm X 16mm) and light (65 grams) with two serial ports (one port supporting speeds up to 921 kbps), a USB port and low power consumption.  This product is offered with an optional Application Programming Interface (API) that allows developers to run their specialized software application onboard, reducing hardware costs and time to market.