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NovAtel launches Euro-3M and Euro-L5 receivers

NovAtel a precise positioning technology company, has recently announced the launch of its latest Euro-3M and Euro-L5 receivers. Designed for system integrators, these receivers address evolving customer needs for increased accuracy in dynamic and challenging environments. NovAtel’s Euro-3M tracks 14 GPS and four GEO satellites. It includes important signal integrity features such as Signal Quality Monitoring (SQM)measurements to detect satellite failure, Safetrak cross-correlation verification, and in-band digital pulse blanking on the L2 signal for increased tracking reliability. The Euro-3M also features a 50% improvement in Multipath Estimating Delay Lock Loop (MEDLL) performance.

This patented NovAtel technology virtually eliminates the effects of multipath, delivering highly reliable and accurate range measurements. These receivers are packaged in the new EuroPak enclosure. The EuroPak-3MT model option includes a built-in 10 MHz OCXO and is ideal for high precision timing and scintillation applications. NovAtel’s Euro-L5 tracks up to four L5 Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) GEO signals offering the opportunity for research and development related to the future L5 second civil frequency. In addition to superior L5 tracking, the Euro-L5 features L5 GPS positioning. As with the Euro-3M, this new receiver also includes in-band digital pulse blanking.

The Euro-3M and Euro-L5 are offered in a choice of platforms. Both are available as an OEM engine in the standard Eurocard form factor, ensuring ease of integration without sacrificing flexibility. For systems requiring a packaged solution, these receivers are housed in a rugged, environmentally sealed enclosure-the EuroPak.