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NovAtel announces GLONASS capability on its OEMV GPS receivers

NovAtel Inc., a precise positioning technology company, recently announced that its new line of OEMV GPS receivers will also be capable of tracking satellites from the growing GLONASS constellation. Initial releases of the OEMV-2 and OEMV-3 models are expected to be available to customers by the end of March, as previously announced in September 2005, and will include dual-frequency GLONASS measurements as an option. Future releases will include full position and Real-time Kinematic (RTK) options as well as a GLONASS enabled, single-frequency OEMV-1 model. NovAtel’s announcement of GPS+GLONASS capable OEMV receivers follows a recent launch of new GLONASS satellites and a commitment from the Russian government to continue to strengthen the existing GLONASS constellation.

The OEMV receivers set a new standard in performance, feature set and integration. In addition to GLONASS capability, the OEMV product line supports modernized GPS signals and frequencies (L2C and L5), NovAtel’s latest Vision Correlator multipath mitigation technology, an expanded Application Programming Interface (API), and integrated L-band functionality. NovAtel’s OEMV receivers are also designed to meet the European Union’s new Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, which comes into effect in mid-2006.