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NovaLIS Technologies receives ‘Business of the Year’ award

NovaLIS Technologies, provider of integrated land records management solutions, is the recepient of the Business of the Year award, according to the Metro Halifax Business Awards. This award is presented to the company with evident signs of expansion and job creation. High risk maneuvering and trailblazing tactics are also considered strong aspects of this award winner’s profile. In the Fall 2002, NovaLIS purchased a software company in North Carolina, increasing its client base and adding to the company’s product offering. For its leadership in bringing an innovative product to market, this year NovaLIS received the ESRI Canada Business Partner of the Year award.

NovaLIS has customers in six Canadian provinces and the Yukon Territory. In 2002, NovaLIS and its business partner Valcura International won a contract with BC Assessment to implement its assessment and appraisal software. BC Assessment is currently the ongoing assessment project in North America. NovaLIS has more than 100 client sites across the United States, and won several international accounts last year, in locations such as Jamaica and Northern Ireland.
NovaLIS’ integrated land records management solutions include Parcel EditorTM, Assessment OfficeTM, Land Development OfficeTM, GATETM, Land Titles OfficeTM by ILS, and Tax and Billing Collections OfficeTM. These software solutions enable land records agencies to automate and streamline land records management, and provide full integration with geographic information systems.