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NovaLIS Technologies announces special pricing on integrated solutions for ESRI

NovaLIS Technologies, a developer of integrated land records management solutions, announces special pricing for the month of June. Purchase Parcel Editor 8.1 at the special advance release price of $1,495*, or bundle a single seat of Land Development Office and Parcel Editor together for just $5,695**.

Land Development Office automates government land management practices such as permitting, code compliance, licensing, planning, project tracking, and growth management. Parcel Editor facilitates migration to the new ESRI ArcGIS environment by providing organizations that maintain digital maps with an easy-to-use parcel mapping solution.

For example, Land Development Office (LDO) and Parcel Editor (PE) 8.1 solve a challenge encountered by local government agencies on a daily basis – managing the order of creating parcel numbers and addresses, and issuing permits.

Citizens often request building permits for properties before a parcel, associated parcel number, and address for the property is entered into the permitting database. The parcel may be accepted during the subdivision approval process and subsequently recorded by the Register of Deeds, but until it is entered into the permitting database, the parcel appears not to exist. In order to receive a building permit, the citizen must run around collecting information about the property from various departments within the local government. This process may be time consuming and extremely frustrating for the citizen.

The combined functionality and integration of LDO and PE alleviate the citizen’s frustration. LDO and PE provide a one-stop shop for the citizen to get a permit issued. LDO has built-in business processes for approving subdivisions, issuing permits, and viewing attachments such as recorded deeds or plat maps. PE’s business processes establish new parcel boundaries, parcel numbers, and new addresses.

The two solutions are completely integrated, enabling a clerk to approve new parcels, map them, create the appropriate parcel numbers, establish addresses, and issue a permit – all while the citizen is standing at the counter.

* Parcel Editor 8.1 increases to $2,495 for the first copy July 1, 2002.
** The bundle includes a single seat license of Land Development Office.