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Nova Naturgas AB, Sweden has signed a contract with ABB

Nova Naturgas AB, Sweden has signed a contract with ABB for delivery of their new asset documentation system. Nova Naturgas has selected the product, Facilplus Spatial, for all their gas transmission pipeline documentation. The system will be taken in operation in the beginning of 2003. Nova users will be connected to one central server, supporting them in the daily work of planning, preparation, and project work for the gas transmission pipeline.

Facilplus Spatial represents a development enhancement of the well-proven Facilplus concept. Facilplus Spatial is a joint development project between ABB Utilities and Digpro AB, built on the latest spatial database technology for handling of geographical data. It handles all aspects of a gas transmission pipeline, such as geographical positions and topological characteristics. It further offers applications, such as asset management reporting and customer management.

The most perceptible enhancement is the web enabling of Facilplus Spatial. Full web enabling also incorporates advanced functions like editing of maps, rule based editing of pipelines and graphical analysis of extension alternatives. The web enabling also adds new flexibility to the system, e.g. for use of hand-held computers and wireless communication to the central system and outsourcing of documentation.

The open structure of Facilplus Spatial makes the product easy to integrate with other systems, such as business and operational control systems. For Nova Naturgas, the delivery of Facilplus Spatial will provide close integration with operation and management applications.