Nottinghamshire councils use aerial photography to improve services

Nottinghamshire councils use aerial photography to improve services


A consortium of local authorities in Nottinghamshire has chosen GeoPerspectives aerial photography to aid decision-making, support delivery of essential council services and improve communication with residents.

The full colour aerial imagery, purchased from aerial survey specialist BlueSky, covers the whole of the county.

At an impressive 10 cm resolution it is detailed enough to view individual property boundaries, specific land uses and even street markings. This is the second time BlueSky has supplied the Nottinghamshire based consortium with high resolution aerial imagery from the GeoPerspectives archive.

Organisations that are gaining benefit from the GeoPerspectives aerial photography include Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham City Council, six out of the seven Nottinghamshire district councils and Nottinghamshire Police.

Nottinghamshire County Council is making the GeoPerspectives aerial photography available to every desktop in the organisation via an intranet based geographical information system (GIS).

Potentially available to more than 4,000 users, the imagery complements previous aerial survey data supplied by Bluesky, historic mapping dating back to the 1880’s and up-to-date geographical information from the Ordnance Survey product range.