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Northumbria puts drones to temperature test

UK: Following the recent surge in the use of drones by various industries — including crime scene mapping, wind farm maintenance, wildlife photography and artic exploration — Northumbria University has started testing unmanned aircrafts for performance under extreme temperatures. These weather conditions were recreated in Northumbria’s environmental chamber.

Dr Martin Barwood, Research Fellow and Environmental Physiologist at Northumbria, supervised the project, testing drones provided by Colena in three key areas – battery performance, drone performance and pilot performance.

He says, “We found that the drones and their components stand up to the extremes of temperature in which they are being used, which is excellent news. However, they are still affected when the temperature changes – particularly when it gets very cold. So, we are recommending a reduced flying time in extreme cold conditions. This new information will help safeguard the drone and could help reduce pilot error when the pilot is faced with bitterly cold conditions.”

Source: Northumbria