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Northrop Grumman Awarded Cyber Security Contract by UK Government

UK: Northrop Grumman Corporation is among the companies that have been awarded a contract by the government of the United Kingdom to provide a range of cyber security solutions. Under the contract, Northrop Grumman will provide engineering and development services in support of data security and information assurance.

Northrop Grumman continues to invest in UK-based cyber security capabilities with new facilities in England, where it has set up an Advanced Cyber Technology Centre of Excellence, a global collaboration initiative to advance high-end solutions to our customers' most challenging cyber problems. The company is also investing in the development of the next generation of cyber specialists. The company entered into a partnership with Cyber Security Challenge UK under which it has launched the youth-based cyber defence competition CyberCenturion in the UK aimed at building tomorrow's cyber workforce. Northrop Grumman is also mentoring a diverse set of small and medium enterprise partners and investing in research and development with select UK university partners.

Source: Global newswire