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Northern Ireland establishes geospatial data platform

Ireland: A new geospatial data platform is set to dramatically improve efficiency and sustainability throughout the public sector in Northern Ireland. The technology is expected to save £136,000 and 7.49 tonnes of carbon over three years by using the platform for one business process alone. Land and Property Services (LPS), part of the Department of Finance and Personnel for Northern Ireland, has developed a strategic GIS platform for storing, managing and delivering location information to a broad user base. The Spatial NI system will be used across the entire public sector in Northern Ireland and is expected to drive significant cost savings and productivity gains for many years to come.

LPS will save over £136,000 in three years by publishing its data as web services on Spatial NI, rather than physically posting or delivering DVDs and hard drives of data to 170 separate organisations. Furthermore, use of Spatial NI will eliminate journeys of around 7,700 miles each year, creating an annual carbon saving of 2.49 tonnes. The Spatial NI platform was built with support from Esri Ireland and is based on Esri’s ArcGIS Server technology.

Source: Communityhub