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North Korea Test-launches Seven Missiles into East Sea

North Korea: North Korea has reportedly tested seven surface-to-air missiles off its East coast, amid escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula in the wake of ongoing US-South Korea military exercises.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said in a statement that the North Korean military 'fired multiple rounds of ground-to-air missiles into the East Sea from Seondok, South Hamkyong Province'. The missiles are believed to be SA-2 or SA-3s, and one SA-5 medium-to-high-altitude surface-to-air missile, which has a range of 200km, BBC News reported. The US and South Korea recently completed the first of two large-scale annual military exercises, code-named Key Resolve. It was designed to ensure that the alliance is prepared to defend South Korea. The second joint and combined field training exercise, Foal Eagle, features 200,000 South Korean and 3,700 US soldiers, and is scheduled to continue until 24 April.

Source: NK news