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North-eastern Indian state to map landslide zone

Guwahati, India: The Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) in India will soon map landslide zone under the greater Guwahati areas, according to Prithivi Majhi, Revenue and Disaster Management Minister of Assam (a North-eastern Indian state). Majhi made this announcement during a two-day national congress on landslide hazard.

The participants of the congress in their papers observed that landslide is posing a serious threat to the lives and property of the people in the NE region, which is identified as one of the most vulnerable areas as far as landslide is concerned. They also laid stress on identifying the nature of landslides area-wise.

Around 65 papers were presented in the congress. In addition, one general action plan was drawn up after completion of the technical session. The action plan distributed among the eight States of the region, including Sikkim, said Pramod Konwar, secretary of the National Institute of Infotech and Management (NIIM), the organisers of the congress. The programme has been sponsored by the North Eastern Council (NEC).

Source: Assam Tribute