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North American aerial survey firm selects UltraCam Eagle

US: Microsoft UltraCam team installed an UltraCam Eagle at Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc. in Philadelphia, US. It is the first delivery in North America of the newest model in the UltraCam series of photogrammetric digital aerial cameras.
Since the announcement of the UltraCam Eagle, the company was disseminating marketing messages that speak to the reduced physical form factor of the Eagle that integrates all compute and storage systems into the sensor head. 
Of the Keystone fleet of planes, a Cessna 310 was chosen as the platform for the Eagle. The 310 is not quite as roomy as some of Keystone’s other aircraft and this makes the Eagle a better fit. Additionally, this particular plane was already equipped with a stabilised mount that does not require a counterweight ring. This weight reduction, along with the decreased weight of the UltraCam Eagle system (compared to previous generation UltraCam systems) means the difference of roughly 30-40 gallons of fuel which translates to around an hour and a half more flying time, according to Keystone’s Vice President, Ken Potter.
Source: UltraCam