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Nomad System enhances GPS-based laser measurement instruments used in survey & construction

Wireless GPS and laser surveying instruments generate, capture and display site-specific coordinates and contour lines that contractors refer to in order to ensure accuracy throughout planning, surveying, site preparation and construction, and to minimize the potential for costly mistakes.

Today, grader drivers refer to information generated by the instruments while operating the equipment, but have to look back and forth between the outside view and an LCD screen to see these visual cues. Drivers wearing the Nomad System will be able to keep their eyes on the blade and see contour lines superimposed over their view of the construction site, allowing them to avoid running over surveyor’s stakes or making bad cuts (which have to be redone).

“Because of its ability to present positioning cues in a head-up mode, the Nomad System can turn a 19 ton dozer into a precision instrument,” said Bruce Ridley Microvision’s marketing manager for industrial applications. According to Ridley, keeping a driver head-up in the cab also makes for a safer site, but he is quick to point out that heavy equipment operators are not the only people on construction sites who will benefit by using the Nomad System. Surveyors, site supervisors, and equipment maintenance mechanics can also view site specifications at the point of task.

About the Nomad Personal Display System:
Based on Microvision’s patented light scanning technology, the recently introduced Nomad system is a high-resolution head-worn display that presents images and information to the user on a see-through virtual 17-inch display. This unique personal display enables hands-free access to such information diagrams, instrumentation, maintenance records, moving maps and interactive training manuals, superimposing the information on the user’s view and creating “augmented vision.” The Nomad system features full daylight-readability, allowing users to view high contrast images in even the most challenging ambient lighting conditions. High quality, Super VGA resolution makes the Nomad system immediately compatible with a broad range of existing applications and content.

From flight paths to factory floors, surgical suites, and more, the Nomad system can deliver major improvements in productivity, quality and safety for virtually any type of manual task. The company is targeting applications in four vertical markets — industrial, aerospace, medical, and military — that enable customers to provide information at the point of task.

Laser Control, the largest dealer of TopCon wireless GPS and laser surveying systems in the US, will be marketing Microvision’s Nomad wearable display as part of its line of surveying and measurement instruments used by professional surveyors, civil engineers and the construction industry.