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Nokia strengthens location and commerce business

Paris: Nokia announced that its Location & Commerce business unit is extending its collaboration with six of the world”s top automotive brands, further establishing its leadership in the vehicle sector.

Powering four-out-of-five fully integrated in-dash navigation systems, Nokia is the only company that provides end-to-end mapping and navigation solutions for the automotive environment from maps content to location platform and mapping applications.

To leverage Nokia Location & Commerce”s long lasting strength and expertise in location content, a number of our customers have chosen NAVTEQ Maps for their next generation infotainment systems.

“We believe that Nokia”s Location & Commerce is uniquely positioned to provide a superior consumer experience which automotive manufacturers as well as other players in the industry can deliver to their customers, and the announcements we are making this week underscore this,” said Bruno Bourguet, newly appointed Senior Vice President, Sales and Business Development, Nokia Location & Commerce.

“Drivers today expect to be told the best way to get from A to B but they also want live traffic information, notifications of nearby places of interest and data that helps them drive better and make journeys a pleasure rather than a chore. Whether it is a daily commute or a long distance drive, we are delivering on our Connected Car vision to bring a full set of capabilities from navigation to safety to entertainment,” stated Bourguet.

Source: Nokia