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Nokia shuts down NAVTEQ Network for Developers

Finland: Nokia shut down its developer network for its location and mapping subsidiary NAVTEQ, effective from January 20, 2012. According to a Google+ post by Greg Rose, NAVTEQ Network for Developers’ (NN4D) former social media handler, the company has abruptly laid off the entire NN4D team. He posted, “It seems that ‘The Powers That Be’ (Read: Nokia Location & Commerce division) decided to pull the plug on our group, the NN4D and we were all given 2 weeks notice to shut the whole developer network down.”
According to the NN4D website, that’s a total of 30 disgruntled staff — Rose emphasised that his contract was originally scheduled for termination on March 31, 2012, but that the decision was suddenly brought forward by more than two months. NAVTEQ has so far failed to issue as much as a press release, and it’s unclear how the move has affected developers relying on the company’s location services.
According to Nokia’s Q4 earnings, the company included EUR 1.1 billion writedown of the company’s Location & Commerce division (of which NAVTEQ is the main component).
Source: mobile360.com