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Nokia maps 1.28 mn kilometres road network in India

New Delhi, India: Nokia’s navigation software division, Nokia, Location & Commerce (known as NAVTEQ before being acquired by Nokia for USD 8.1 billion) is quietly working on a big plan to map the whole of India, CyberMedia reported. “We already have covered 1.28 million km of road network with all the turns, roundabouts and flyovers. We have also mapped over 4000 cities, including rural areas, 6.25 million points of interest, which include offices, malls, schools, hospitals, bus stands, historical monuments, and so on” said Rajat Tandon, country director, sales, Nokia L&C.

According to a market report by Voice&Data, almost 20 per cent of a total of 600 plus million mobile phones in use in India have some smartphone features, which is essential to access location-based services (LBS). Market experts believe that the money spent on LBS in India is expected to be close to USD 165 million by 2014.
“Keeping in mind the local diversity in the country, voice command based navigation solution is available in all Indian languages. As per a recent survey done to gauge the level of awareness and adoption of maps and navigation, we found that 87 per cent of the respondents know about such solutions on smartphones and would consider using them,” said Tarun Harnathka, Director South Asia for Product Development.

Source: www.ciol.com