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Noida cops turn to smart-age GPS gizmos

It can police the police, and can catch you if you try to pull a fast one on Noida cops. The space-age supercop that found its soul in the Global Positioning System a few years back is set to land with the Noida police in another 10 days.

The police have already mapped Noida digitally and trial runs of the system have been completed. Sector 11 will be the first to get such hi-tech policing.

Once the system is in place, it would enable quickest possible response to a distress call. For example, as soon as the control room gets a call on number 100, the caller’s number and address and the nearest police station will pop up on the screen. The operator then will inform the nearest police Control Room (PCR). As soon as the PCR van enters an affected area, a green light will appear on the control rom screen. Time will be logged automatically. The control room will be able to guide the vehicle.

“No one can then complain that the police moved in late as the time will be marked in the record,” says SSP Noida Nasir Kamal.

Similarly, in case of an accident, hospitals will be flashed on the control room screen for immediate aid. The police can also initiate natural disaster management. In case of an earthquake, they will be able to locate the position of the recovery vans, am balances and hospitals.

The software has been developed by Navneet Yadav, a computer engineer. A “True Control Room” will come up at Sector 14 A. The police fleet will have 15 GPS-enable vehicles.