NOAA selects Nortel to enhance weather satellite support

NOAA selects Nortel to enhance weather satellite support


Washington, USA, 20 June 2006: The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has awarded an estimated US$3 million contract to a subsidiary of Nortel Government Solutions for systems engineering and software development for ground systems supporting the GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) weather satellites.

Chuck Saffell, CEO, Nortel Government Solutions said, “This project will refresh the ground systems technology and help extend the operational lifetime of GOES-10 and other GOES satellites, optimizing availability of information vital to improving weather monitoring and forecasting.”

Nortel Government Solutions will develop, test and deploy enhanced sensor processing systems for the existing GOES satellites. This includes GOES-13, the first of the GOES-N/O/P series. GOES-13 (referred to as GOES-N before reaching orbit) was launched in May 2006. GOES-O and P are scheduled for launch over the next three years.

The most critical enhancements will include support for extended operation of the GOES-10 satellite after repositioning later this year as part of NOAA’s Earth Observation Partnership of the Americas. This is expected to help protect lives and property in North, Central and South America by significantly improving satellite detection of severe storms, floods, drought, landslides, volcanic ash clouds, wildfires and other natural hazards.

Continuous operation of GOES-10 in a high inclination mode using a new ground-based motion compensation capability will dramatically improve the quantity and quality of data available to Latin American partners for improving weather forecasts, limiting the impact of natural disasters, and improving energy and water resource management. Carr Astronautics, Inc. and Integral Systems, Inc. are under subcontract with Nortel Government Solutions to help deliver the enhanced ground systems for NOAA.