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NOAA offers contract to Fugro for shoreline mapping services

The Netherlands-based Fugro has signed an agreement with US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), with an aim to provide shoreline mapping services to support the agency’s Coastal Mapping Programme.

The latest contract is issued through NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey (NGS). This is NGS’s second consecutive award to Fugro for its services like aerial imagery, topobathymetric lidar, and shoreline feature compilation.

NSG takes the help of these data to update define US territorial limits, NOAA nautical charts, support coastal management activities and perform inundation modelling.

Edward Saade, President of Fugro in the US, while speaking of the latest contract to Fugro said, Fugro is proud to continue working with NOAA to update and improve the nation’s shoreline mapping needs.”

“This work closely aligns with our NOAA hydrographic surveying services contract, which was awarded to Fugro last December. In both cases we are focused on using innovative technologies to streamline the delivery of high quality Geo-data while improving operational safety and significantly reducing our carbon footprint, ” he added.

The shoreline mapping services IDIQ contract, which has been activated, will continue to run till March 20, 2025. Fugro is one of the companies that will take task orders under the programme.