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NOAA introduces new version of nowCOAST Web Mapping Portal

20 March 2006: Recently in a continuing effort to improve maritime safety and commerce through the monitoring of physical changes in weather, oceanographic and river conditions, NOAA launched an updated version of the nowCOAST web portal. NowCOAST is a web mapping portal providing coastal communities with real-time observations and NOAA forecasts. The new version now allows users to view real-time surface observations ‘on-the-map’ along with the latest GOES satellite cloud imagery and NOAA National Weather Service weather radar images. The GOES imagery is updated every half hour and the weather radar mosaic is updated every 15 minutes. NowCOAST uses GIS allowing users to overlay other datasets and NOAA forecast products with these on-map displays to get a detailed picture of present conditions from the top of the watershed to the ocean.

Developed by the NOAA Ocean Service’s Coast Survey Development Laboratory, nowCOAST’s on-map display of real-time surface meteorological and oceanographic observations includes hourly updated data from federal and regional observing networks on land and water. The on-map display of real-time data and imagery available through nowCOAST is made possible with real-time data provided by the NOAA’s satellite and Information Service, National Weather Service, and Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.