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NOAA and Department of Defense awarded contracts to C&C Technologies

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Department of Defense announced recently that it has awarded several contracts to C&C Technologies, Inc. for hydrographic mapping of US waters and research and development of new survey technologies.

One contract awarded to C&C is a portion of a five year, 50 million dollar contract with NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey that allows C&C to perform ocean bottom surveys in the coastal areas of the United States and its possessions. Two additional contracts awarded through NOAA’s Ocean Exploration program supported a recently completed ocean exploration cruise, using the company’s “C-Surveyor Autonomous Underwater Vehicle,” to map the seafloor in the Gulf of Mexico. A third contract is for the testing and evaluation of a new type of sonar system that has the potential to replace three systems concurrently being utilized, thereby saving the Navy money. Another contract, granted by the Department of Defense, requires C&C Technologies to develop a semi-submersible unmanned vehicle. The goal is to apply new technical knowledge about the engineering and operation of unmanned vehicles for ocean exploration and mapping while also serving as a test-bed for development and evaluation of new instruments and sensors.